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We have 5 classrooms that currently accommodate 100 children. Our large, fully equipped playground is filled with activities that not only get the kiddies exercising while they play, but also educates them on road safety and other everyday skills.

Thabile Playground

• Everyday gross motor equipment is put out by the teachers for the children to balance and climb on.
• Once a month every group gets a day to do woodwork in their creative time.
• Baking is done once a week for each group.
• We have an extensive library, where every Thursday each child is able to choose two library books. We have theme books which are used in the classroom to tie in with our themes.
• Rainbow group rides two wheeler bikes in the car park every week.

We have recently built a large hall that is used for for music, movement, drama and teacher's puppet shows.

Our teachers and assistants have all done a 1st Aid and CPR course, they are updated every 2/3 years.

Regular fire drills are also done for practice.

Thabile Library
New Hall
New Hall


Our security is ample with secure fencing around the perimeter, armed response, on-site security guard and motorized access gate.

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