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Tel: 011 787 7331
Fax: 011 886 4524
Cel: 082 573 2896

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A mid-morning snack consisting of sandwiches, juice and fruit, is provided by the school.

This Year's Events and Outings

Market Day
Market Day

The programme includes fun days and where possible the parents are included:


  • Class parties
  • Tuck Shop


  • Last year school leavers party
  • Tuck shop
  • Hearing tests
  • AGM


  • Evening talk for Red/Yellow parents re our Grade R (Rainbow)
  • School Photos
  • Eye Tests
  • Kite flying in the park
  • Rainbow’s Market Day
  • Afternoon Play date at school
  • Younger group Breakfast
  • Tuck shop
  • Parent/Teacher interviews
  • Easter
  • Government Children Break up


  • Government Children return
  • Tuck Shop
  • Private Children break up


  • Private children return
  • Annual Fun Day
  • Teddy Bears Picnic for Younger classes
  • Tuck Shop


  • Special Visitors Day
  • Tuck Shop
  • Sports day
  • All Children Break up


  • Private children return (1 week holiday)
  • Government children return
  • Tuck Shop
  • PJ Party


  • Tuck shop
  • Private Children Break up


  • Private children return
  • Spring Day
  • Tuck Shop
  • Concert on two days
  • Government children break up


  • Government children return
  • Art Show
  • Afternoon school party
  • Tuck shop


  • Party for all new children that will be coming to Thabile in the new year
  • Year end concert/demo classes for all the extra murals


  • Christmas party for all Thabile children
  • School classes
Easter Party
Easter Party
Sports Day
Sports Day


• Teddy Bears Picnic
• Kite Flying in the park


Educational Program

The school readiness program includes the following modules:

• Music
• Movement skills
• Drama
• Language
• Science
• Creative Activities
• Perceptual Activities
• Numeric Skills
• Lliterary skills
• Audi-Blocks

Daily Program

7:30 Gate opens. Children go to their groups until a teacher is on outside duty
8:15 Two teachers are out to watch the garden
8:30 Rainbow Group goes inside for first ring and creative activity
8:45 Yellow and Red Groups go inside for first ring and creative activity
8:50 Green and Blue Groups go inside for first ring and creative activity
9:30 Outside teacher watches the garden. Others teachers complete creative activities
10:30 All children go inside to wee and wash
10:35 Snack time
10:50 Outside play time
11:00 Rainbow Second Ring
11:10 Second ring for all other groups
11:25 Green and Blue groups outside
11:30 Red, Yellow and Rainbow outside
12:00 Tidy up time for all
12:10 Toilet routine
12:15 Story time
12:30 School ends for Red, Yellow, Blue and Green groups
12:40 School ends for Rainbow
12:45 Linger longer start and extra mural
1:15 First class extra murals finish and second class starts
1:45 Second class extra murals ends
1:45 After Care with Julia Starts
4:45 After Care with Julia ends


Extra Mural Activities

From 12.45 to 13.45

• Monday: Karate
• Tuesday: Happy Beat (Music)
• Wednesday: Yoga for children
                    Tumbling Tigers (Gross and fine motor)
• Thursday: Advantage Tennis Academy (Ball Skills)
• Friday: Ballet


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